Hideki Yuhara


Chinese name: HuiLiang

From the casual onlooker, Hideki may look like a charismatic and studious 17 year old with a luxurious family background, but in reality, he's actually quite aloof when approached by those who look up to him. Deep inside, he's a complicated person who rarely shows anyone his true self, and also struggles to balance the expectations of those around him and what he truly desires to do. In school, rumors have circulated about him, all somewhat nefarious, that tie him to gang violence and brutality, but not many of his schoolmates believed it...that is, until he started hanging around the Four Corners. What could be possibly lurking in Hideki Yuhara's past?

Kazuhiro Tsuchiya


In school, Kazuhiro was always somewhat of an outsider. Things only escalated for him once he started getting into fights, and eventually overtaking his late brother's street gang—the Four Corners. Only then was he able to connect with others and form warm connections. As a 16 year old gang leader, he's aggressive, yet surprisingly thoughtful, and also possesses tremendous courage when it comes to fighting. Despite his deep insecurities and self comparisons to his late elder brother, Kazuhiro is a good leader who's loved and respected among his gang members. Although, aside from running the Four Corners, he doesn't seem to have much of an interest in anything else at the moment...or more like, he actually doesn't want to think about what things would be like with out the Four Corners by his side.

Keiichi Tsuchiya



Keiichi was the eldest child of the Tsuchiya family. He also created the Four Corners gang. The only things that are known about him is that he was fun-loving, kind, and always knew how to make a just decision. Although still up to speculation, chapter 6 mentions that his death was due to a “weak heart” that Keiichi might have possibly overexerted, resulting in a complication.

Taisuke Arakawa


Alias: Hiroto Arakawa

A mysterious coffee shop manager who is also a part of the yakuza. Around the public, he seems gentle and mild mannered...but behind closed doors, something seems to be bubbling underneath his surface. For some reason or another, he is working in cohoots with Ranmaru. He also seems to haunt Hideki's memory and has some kind of connection to him.



Real name unknown

A wildly unstable and dangerous gang leader hailing from downtown Yokohama. His gang, which doesn't have a name, is more or less just a group comprised of his lackeys following his orders. Ranmaru is a shameless person who rules his life by simply getting whatever he wants, although his desires can be quite particular—it has to be “interesting” enough for him to care about it. He's aligned himself with Taisuke Arakawa, although he is rapidly over stepping his boundaries with the man—which is, most likely completely on purpose.

LiFen Huang


Hideki's maternal cousin who's 19 years old, and originally born in Taiwan. Aside from Hideki's father, LiFen is the only other family member that lives close by, and she is also is incredibly protective of her younger cousin. She's strong willed, hardworking, and incredibly forthright, which has sometimes gotten her into problems with others, therefore causing her to be capable enough to defend herself. Due to circumstances, LiFen travelled to study in Japan when Hideki was 14 years old. Now as an adult, she's moved from the Yuhara's household and is living on her own.

ChengJian Yuhara


Hideki's father, the CEO of "Yuhara Royal", a hotel chain that runs in both Japan and Taiwan. He's a blunt and oftentimes socially awkward, but he means well and wants the best for his family. ChengJian is mixed race, Chinese and Japanese, and born in Japan. He taught Hideki to hide his mixed heritage due to the issues he experienced growing up.

YiJun Yuhara


Maiden name: Huang

Hideki's mother who passed away when he was young (around 10 years old). She was born in Taiwan and is fully Taiwanese aborigine, and from the Amis tribe. YiJun was always close with her niece, LiFen, and before she died, she made it clear that she wanted LiFen to be taken care of by her own family in Japan if she ever needed a place to stay.

Noriko Tsuchiya


The hardworking mother behind the Tsuchiya household. For some reason all of her children turn out to be rebellious "delinquents" and give her a hard time. For the most part, she is an extremely understanding woman and has in fact raised her children quite well. It was revealed in chapter 5 that her husband left her and the family in order to pursue his dreams in music.

Kiyomi Tsuchiya


Kazuhiro's twelve year old sister. She is hot tempered just like her brother, but also cynical and a bit hard to please, mostly because of some unavoidable family issues. She has a soft spot for cats and dogs, but Mrs. Tsuchiya isn't fond of them.

Kaoru Tsuchiya


Youngest of the Tsuchiya family. She is six years old and is babied by all the family members, even Kiyomi. Loves frills and lace.

Azumi Hayashida


She was one of the first members to stick with Keiichi in the beginning of the gang, and also had a very close relationship with him when he was alive. She grew up as a childhood friend to the Tsuchiya family. Respects both Keiichi and Kazuhiro equally.



A recent member of the gang and enjoys being active, especially alongside Kazuhiro.



Aside from Azumi, Junichi is the only other member who was a part of the Four Corners during Keiichi's reign. Out of all the members, he has the hugest body build which can scare most people away. Although he can be loud and hands-on, he's quite mild mannered and isn't quick to anger.



A music and manga lover. He's in the same grade and homeroom as Kazuhiro, and has known him before he took over the gang. Although Kazuhiro regards him as an essential gang member with good skills, Makoto is known to be rather unreliable, and his interest in the gang seems to be surface level. He's more interested in being cool around his peers.



Hair enthusiast and fashionista. She is one of the regular members, but she usually ends up doing her own thing or hangs out with Makoto.



A cheery and athletic girl who's a regular member. Though petite in stature, she has been trained in martial arts from a young age.



Hangs around the Four Corners more than most guys.



Hardly ever talks, but rest assured...he's there!

Hikaru and Hideki's two other friends

Avatar Avatar Avatar

Hideki's band of three friends who cling to him, but is mostly just Hikaru who attempts to get a girlfriend by using Hideki's seemingly charming aura. They all seem to love to gossip about things. Though Hideki tries to ignore them in sake of his space, deep down he probably appreciates them being, pretty much, his only friends.



A first year who's crazy over the biggest gang in their school, the Four Corners. With Shunsuke's help, he managed to join, but he's really more of a fan than a member.



Kenji's best friend. He's an extremely studious student, but due to his tough physical appearance, most people mistake him for being a troublemaker. Doesn't usually approve of Kenji's strange hobbies, but tags along with him anyways.